About Australian Carriage Driving Society

Australian Carriage Driving Society, the foremost organisation for the development, management, conduct and promotion of carriage driving in Australia.

We represent all interests of all carriage driving disciplines, with 1200 members across all states with six state branches and 48 regional affiliate clubs.

We offer a range of member benefits to our members including insurance, a quarterly journal, training, coaching, development and accreditation, and administration.

We provide a range of competitions at national, state and local club levels including the Australian and State championships.

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Volunteer Management Workshop

Recently at our Annual Conference Georgie Stayches gave a very interesting presentation on finding and looking after our volunteers. A few reminders for everyday life

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New Members

Find information about the types of carriage driving activities, local clubs and activities, relevant rules, and horse welfare and safety. We provide an environment for you to enjoy and thrive in the sport of carriage driving in your chosen discipline.Find information about the types of carriage driving activit

The ACDS aims to be a nurturing and inclusive organisation to help our younger members develop their driving skills across all disciplines.

The ACDS has stand-alone members that are juniors or you may be a family member.

We’ve recently commenced the Junior Drivers Bursary to encourage our juniors to reach for their dreams.

Are you interested in Carriage Driving and think you would you like to join the Australian Carriage Driving Society? We have more than 50 ACDS Affiliated Carriage Driving Clubs throughout Australia
  1. Find the club closest to you here.
  2. Contact the club secretary.
  3. Join through the club.
Members can visit any other clubs.

Horse Welfare

The ACDS places the utmost importance on the welfare of the horse as the primary consideration in all carriage driving activities.


  1. WA – Show Driving Event – Kings Meadow

    3 November
  2. WA – Branch Meeting – Albany

    9 November
  3. WA – Show Driving – Albany

    9 November
  4. WA – Dressage & Grand Prix Cones – Albany

    10 November
  5. Vic – CDE Elmore Equestrian Park

    30 November - 1 December


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In our publications you’ll find, our constitution and code of conduct, documents to run events, membership forms, governance documents, journals, driving activities and the like.

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This Code of Conduct outlines the behaviour expected for Members of the Australian Carriage Driving Society Inc. (ACDS) and people associated with Members at ACDS activities. View code of conduct

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