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Federal Executive 2018 - 2019

President: Peter Lee

Vice President: Kate Wholagan

Secretary: Sue Waters

Treasurer: Leonie Hartshorne

The latest National CDE Grading list and the New National Driven Dressage Grading List is now available on the Publications page.
Join us to celebrate 20 years of Equitana
The ACDS will be back again with one of the most exciting competitions of the event, the highly anticipated Carriage Driving Obstathon!
Expressions of interest from ACDS carriage drivers who wish to take part are now open.
We also have a booth from Thursday to Sunday and welcome volunteers to help man it.
Enquires and applications to

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It's here! the long awaited updated Australian Rules for Combined Driving Events 2018 has been released. You can find it on the publications page.

New By-Law 2.11

A new By-law has been introduced to make choosing your Club Executive easier.

Read about it on our announcements page or with the Federal Council Publications

Australian Boyd Exell is virtually unbeatable in a sport described as the 'formula one of equestrian' - carriage racing.

7News video link

- Thinking with Your Head About Your Helmet -

You’ve seen those commercials talking about replacing your mattress after every eight years—after all, that’s a lot of dead skin cells, dirt, dust mites, etc., that gathers every night. And when it comes to your favourite pair of riding pants, you don’t think twice about replacing them when they’re starting to be worn thin, or maybe showing a little too much wear and tear. But do you even think about how old your helmet is?

Please read on via this link to the Horse Industry Council Article, linked with their permission.