About Australian Carriage Driving Society

Australian Carriage Driving Society, the foremost organisation for the development, management, conduct and promotion of carriage driving in Australia.We represent all interests of all carriage driving disciplines, with 1200 members across all states with six state branches and 49 regional affiliate clubs.

We provide a range of competitions at national, state and local club levels including the Australian and State championships.

We offer a range of member benefits to our members including insurance, a quarterly journal, training, coaching, development and accreditation, and administration.



Key Policies

The ACDS places the utmost importance on the welfare of the horse as the primary consideration in all carriage driving activities.

Read the Horse Welfare Policy

Read the Horse Sensory Hair Policy

Members are encouraged to develop and maintain an inclusive environment that promotes participation.

Behaviour which may be considered as discriminatory, bullying, intimidatory, violent or of a harassing (sexual or otherwise) nature will not be tolerated. Unjust or intemperate criticism of other members or behaviour that brings the Society and/or sport into disrepute is similarly not acceptable.

Read our Code of Conduct

Use of Social Media

Sports Australia issued an updated Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement earlier this year.

The key message is “if in doubt, sit them out”.

The Australian Carriage Driving Society has adopted this key message.

Concussion Policy update 2022