Pleasure & Endurance Driving

A Pleasure drive can be simply a drive down a country lane, rail trails, a picnic or campfire shared with like minded company held on one day, a weekend or even for a week in public reserves or private property. A great way to see the countryside, socialise, swap tips and educate a horse.

Other activities which you can enjoy under the Pleasure driving banner include Oz Trec, navigation drives, endurance driving and good old fashioned fun days where club members get together for a great social event.

Endurance Driving

Ruffy Mini Enduro

Oz Trec tests horse-and-driver combinations through a range of challenges, rather than focusing on one style or discipline. Safety is a huge priority. It is suitable for all breeds and sizes of horses/ponies along with all
types of carriages and all levels of drivers. 
Just think a bit of pleasure driving, showing, CDE, dressage and handy mount all thrown into one.

What the heck is OZ TREC – by N. Linic

You can participate in Park Drives which give you the opportunity to dress up and enjoy wonderful venues around Victoria at a social outing. These can be described as a “Show on the move”. Usually held in scenic surrounds such as Botanical Gardens or historical parks and gardens, a Private drive was originally devised as a gentle competition for “private” vehicles (ie. Non-tradesman).
Events may cater for several classes and always include at least one Period Turnout class. Vehicles may vary greatly from original through to the modern and any type of horse from the miniature to Clydesdale may be entered.
The event is judged at the halt as a turnout and then entrants set off on a leisurely trot around the grounds for several kilometres. Whilst out on the course more judging takes place, this time including the manners of the horse and the skill of the driver or “whip”.

The Pleasure Historical and Endurance Guide, Pleasure and Endurance TPR Manual and other useful downloads are available on the Members Resources  page.