26 March 2020
Dear Members

A question has been asked whether Clubs or States can meet using technology such as Skype, Facebook or other mediums given that the ACDS has announced a cessation of driving activities and as part of that, indicated that meetings should not occur.
The intention behind the banning of meetings was to prevent face to face contact during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Clubs or States can using technology to meet however should be mindful of the following points:
 The Rules of your Club or State must specifically allow for the use of technology to meet;
 You should check that your Rules do not state something like “a quorum for a meeting is XXX members in person. If this is stated, then the meeting can only be legal if the members are present in person.
 If you Rules state something like “a quorum for a meeting is XXX members, and you have members join by technology, then the meeting is legal.
 If you Rules state something like “a quorum for a meeting is XXX members in person; and there is a separate clause that states something like” without limiting the discretion of members to regulate meetings, the members may, if they think fit, confer by any technology; and you have members join by technology, then the meeting is legal.
 The reason I have referred to a meeting being legal is that you do not want to make an important decision via a meeting using technology and later work out that you were not authorised to use technology as this will make the decision void.
 If you use technology to hold a meeting, you need to ensure that all members entitled to attend the meeting are able to attend i.e. they have the technology available to attend.
 Normal rules about notice of meeting, etc need to be observed.
This is not intended to be legal advice but a few matters to consider if you wish to use technology for a meeting.

Federal President

Technology meetings – members announcement 26-03-2020

Insurance During the Cessation Period

16 March 2020
Dear Members

Federal Council has been asked what the effect of the cessation period has on the ACDS insurance and what insurance cover a member has during this period.
The following is an extract from the Insurance questions and answers on the ACDS website.

Q. Who is covered by the ACDS 24/7 Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance?
A. ACDS Single, Family, Junior and Life members engaged in non-income earning carriage driving related activities outside of ACDS sanctioned events -specifically: at home or when training.

Q. What is the excess payable for a claim against the ACDS 24/7 Public Liability Policy?
A. For a claim arising outside of a sanctioned ACDS activity, the excess payable by the ACDS Member is $5000.

Federal President

Insurance during the cessation period 16-03-2020

Member Announcement

16 March 2020
Dear Members
Following our advice of the cessation of carriage driving activities until 30 April 2020, Federal Council would like to put a process in place to deal with a number of questions that will be raised during the forthcoming period.
Any announcements during the cessation period will come from either the Federal Secretary or myself. The reason for having only two voices is to ensure that a consistent message is provided to all members.
To assist with this, if any members have questions, would they please email them to the Federal Secretary, Tom Dowling, on or me on Please do not post the questions on Facebook, send private messages or texts.
We will attempt to respond as quickly as possible but please understand some questions may result in policy decisions that need to include a Federal Convener and Federal Council in making a decision that can then be advised to all members.
When we publish responses to questions, they will be published on our ACDS Facebook page and ACDS Federal website.
Federal President

members announcement 16-03-2020


The Federal Council of the ACDS has agreed to cease all carriage driving activities in
Australia until 30 April 2020, effective 9 am on 16 March 2020.
This decision relates to all activities including CDEs, dressage days, shows, pleasure and endurance drives, fun days, rallies, meetings and any other activities organised by Clubs or State Branches. This decision was made to ensure the ongoing health of all members, their support personnel, officials, organisers, volunteers and spectators.
Federal Council will monitor developments of COVID-19 over the next few weeks including advice from the Department of Health and the Government and will provide further advice before 30 April 2020.

Cessation all driving events 15-03-2020



The Federal body wishes to advise that following the recommendation from the organising committee and Victorian executive of the 2020 Australian Combined Driving Championships. The 2020 Australian Combined Driving Championships scheduled to be held at Greenvale over Easter 2020 have been postponed until later in 2020.
This decision was made following a risk assessment of the event, given COVID-19 and our priority to ensure the ongoing health of our competitors, their support personnel, officials, volunteers and spectators.
The Federal body has been advised that contact will be made with members who have already entered the event over the next few days to arrange refunds of entry monies.

Postponement of 2020 CDE Championships pdf

2020 Federal AGM and Conference

Dear Members
2020 Federal AGM and Conference
On behalf of Federal Council, I wish to advise that the 2020 Federal AGM and Conference will be held at:
Best Western Airport Motel and Convention Centre
33 Ardlie Street
Attwood VIC 3049
on 11 and 12 July 2020.
Full details of the arrangements for the AGM and Conference will be mailed to members in June 2020.
Yours sincerely
Federal President

Federal AGM and Conference Notification 06-03-2020

National CDE Championships 10 – 13 April

ACDS Victorian Branch on behalf of the Australian Carriage Driving Society Inc
proudly presents the Australian Combined Driving Championships

at the Greenvale Equestrian Centre
Section Road, Greenvale Victoria

A Level 4 event will also be run in conjunction with the Championship

The Schedules are now published on the Calendar page

2021 50th Anniversary Celebrations

10 February 2020

Dear Members

As you are aware, Federal Council had decided to hold 2021 50th anniversary celebrations at Finlay in NSW and had invited members to be part of the organizing committee. There was little response from members to assist with the organization of the celebrations at Finlay. As a result, Federal Council has decided to invite expressions of interest from States to host the celebrations. Expressions of interest close on 28 February 2020. Federal Council is still of the belief that holding the celebrations covering all disciplines at one location is preferable to holding a celebration for each different discipline in different locations.

Federal President


Australian Bush Fires

Federal Council would like members to know that members that have been effected with the fires are in our thoughts. Alas the fires have been across most States.

We feel that it is best that clubs and State Branches organise help for members as you’ve got closer contact and you know their requirements.

If you are able to offer members agistment for their horses so they can rebuild fences this will take pressure off them. 

If you wish to donate money please go through Charities such as the Red Cross or at Bendigo Bank.

Members who may have lost fencing and/or need assistance pulling down the damaged fencing may contact Blaze Aid. If any members are in the position to assist, they could contact BlazeAid also to volunteer.

The Wild Life Rescue are also in need of bandages, ointment or old towels.

Please be aware that members will be in different places mentally as the shock and enormity of what happened sets in. Please refer to Life Line or BeyondBlue

LifeWorks has also opened up a Crisis Support Line for anyone in the community in need of emotional support in relation to the fires. The Crisis Support Line is open 24/7 and can be reached on 1300 361 008. 


Kate Wholagan

Federal Vice President