New Journal Editor

Congratulations to Jenny Conquest on being appointed the new Journal Editor.
Jenny approached Federal Council which was a lovely surprise.
Jenny has been a member of the ACDS for about 9 years and is President of the Hawkesbury Carriage Driving Club in NSW. She has a literary background which will stand her in good stead for the Journal Editor position.
Welcome Jenny and we look forward to your new ideas for content.

Dot Willcoxson
ACDS President

Working Walk Movement

4 November, 2021
Subject: Dressage Tests A 2021 – Working Walk Movement
I wish to confirm that the Working Walk movement appears in the following ACDS Dressage Tests:
Preliminary Level Test A 2021
Novice Level Test A 2021
Elementary Level Test A 2021
Intermediate Level Test A 2021
Open Level Test A 2021

Scoresheets and diagrams for the above tests are on the Federal Website; dated 19 October, 2021 V2.0 being the current document. (Please disregard any other versions).
The Walking Walk movement is listed in the current Graded Driven Dressage Rulebook and Guidelines on page 38 with the following definition:
Working Walk: A regular and unconstrained walk. The horse should walk energetically but calmly with even and determined steps with distinct, marked, four equally spaced beats.
Drivers, organisers and judges need to ensure they have the correct documentation.
Cheryl Dowling

Working Walk – Letter of confirmation Nov 2021

Amendment to Graded Driven Dressage Tests

20 October 2021
Applies to:
ACDS TEST A – 2021
Please be advised that the following tests, as shown on the Website, have been amended:
ACDS Preliminary Test A 2021
ACDS Novice Test A 2021
ACDS Elementary Test A 2021
ACDS Intermediate Test A 2021
ACDS Open Test A 2021
The heading on the test scoresheets and diagram sheets read 2020 and have now been changed to 2021.
The actual tests and their content, including diagrams, have not been altered in any way.
This information is relevant for organisers and competitors in any State Graded Driven Dressage Championship and any CDEs that have opted to utilize any of the above tests.
Should you need any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.
Cheryl Dowling
Federal Driven Dressage Convenor

Amendment to GDD Tests

Amendment to CDE Rules

20 October 2021
Applies to:
Rules for Australian Carriage Driving Society COMBINED DRIVING EVENTS
3rd Edition effective: 15 October 2020

Amended Rule 939.1

Old Rule; Pneumatic tyred carriages, with a minimum 125cm wheel width, may be used in their own class at Levels 3 & 4 events. They are not eligible for grading points.

Amendment; Pneumatic tyred carriages, with a minimum 125cm wheel width, may be used in their own class at Levels 2, 3 & 4 events. They are not eligible for grading points.
Exemption is given for the use of pneumatic tyred vehicles for VSE at Level 2, 3, and 4 events for a period of time ending on the 31 July 2022. This is to allow time for all vehicles to meet compliance. The type of wheels that are excluded from this exemption are Pushbike, BMX and Trotting type wheels.

Amended Rule 986.3

Old Rule All Technical Delegates and the President of the Ground Jury must be members of the ACDS. For other Dressage Judges, Cones Judges and other members of the Ground Jury, Associate or Officials Membership is allowed.

Amendment; All Technical Delegates, President of the Ground Jury, Dressage Judges, Cones Judges and other members of the Ground Jury, must be Family, Single, Active (Non-Driving) or Honorary Life members of the ACDS.

Peter Harkness
Federal CDE Convenor

Amendment to CDE Rules

Junior Drivers Bursary 2021-2022

Now open for applications

Each year the ACDS provide financial support to a number of Junior Drivers through the Junior Driver Bursary. It  is available to juniors from any discipline looking to develop their skill set.

Previously the bursary program has supported a variety of ACDS junior members including active drivers, beginner drivers, juniors wanting to become a judge and even those who have a passion for restoration.

If you’re a an ACDS member who may want help with some lessons with a local instructor or an Overseas hero, help getting to national events, help to attend schools to become a judge or some support or assistance to reach your carriage driving dreams than applying for the ACDS Junior Driver Bursary is the next step for you. 

2021-2022 Junior Bursary Application page


Australian Carriage Driving Society
ABN: 28 794 114 302 – Incorporation No: AO1028

3 August 2021

4 AUGUST 2021

All members have been sent either emails or a paper invitation from Vero Voting (Vero) inviting them to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is being live streamed.

If you have not accepted the invitation and wish to attend, please use the link in the email from Vero to register to attend the AGM. When registering, you can pre-vote or appoint a proxy to attend on your behalf.

If you have registered, you will receive a further email from Vero approximately 1 hour before the meeting and if you click on the link, it will take you directly into the meeting.

If you wish to ask a question, use the Q&A button on the screen during the meeting. As the AGM is being live streamed, this is the only method to ask questions. You can also ask questions prior to the meeting using the same button on the screen within the Vero portal.

When the voting commences, the resolution will be read to the meeting and then you will be asked to vote. If you have already pre-voted or appointed a proxy, you do not need to take any action. If you have not voted, click on the tab at the top of your screen that says “vote” and you will be able to vote on the resolution. Once the resolution is read, you will be able to vote for 2 minutes and then the result will be announced. The meeting will then move to the next resolution. This process will be used for all resolutions.

As there were no nominations as at 15 April 2021, there is an election for the position of Federal Treasurer. Since 15 April 2021, we have received two nominations however in accordance with the ACDS Rules, nominations will be taken at the meeting. If you wish to nominate, it will assist the running of the meeting if you would advise the federal secretary as soon as possible and forward a resume of no more than 300 words to him. The resumes of the two nominations already received and any additional nominations will be read to the meeting when that resolution is ready to be put to the meeting.

The AGM will be recorded and posted on the ACDS Federal website in a few days’ time.

Yours sincerely
Federal President

Letter re AGM arrangements 03-08-2021