Interim Concussion Policy

Interim Concussion Position Statement – Effective 12 July 2019.

 Sports Australia issued an updated Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement earlier this year.

 The key message is

“if in doubt, sit them out”.
The Australian Carriage Driving Society has adopted this key message.

 The following interim arrangements have been put in place whilst a detailed position statement is prepared.

 ·        If a person on a carriage (driver or groom) is suspected of having a concussion, first aid principles still apply. 

·        If there is a medical practitioner (doctor or paramedic) on site whose attendance has been arranged by the organising committee of the activity, the person with suspected concussion should be reviewed by the medical practitioner to determine if they have suffered concussion.

·         If no medical practitioner is on-site, the person is assumed to have suffered concussion.

·        If the person is assessed by the medical practitioner to have concussion or is deemed to have concussion, the person is immediately stood down from all activities and will stay stood down for 7 days (14 days if 18 years and under) regardless of whether they receive medical clearance to return to sport.

·        The person remains stood down until they receive medical clearance to return to sport.

·        ACDS Incident reporting mechanism is to be used and notification is immediate.


Federal President.

ACDS Interim Concussion Policy PDF

Concussion in Sport Australia Position 

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Our new range of merchandise is now available through our dedicated supplier, Skye Park Equine Tailors. It was launched at the Federal Conference at Beechworth in July 2019.

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ACDS 2019 AGM and Conference

This year the ACDS is hosting our annual conference in the beautiful historic township of Beechworth Victoria over 13-14 July 2019.

Please refer to the calendar for additional information and the booking form.

Junior Driver – bylaw regarding age

5 March 2019.
At the Federal Council meeting held on 2 March 2019, Federal Council amended By –Law 13.8 which relates to Junior Drivers.
The amendment is Bold
The effective date of the amendment is 2 March 2019.
That the minimum age for driving at ACDS activities be as below:

Applicable to all ACDS driving activities excluding Combined Driving Events (Level 1-4)
Junior definition; a person who has not attained the age of 18 years
Youngest driving age (Single horse or pony)
A Junior driver aged 6-7 10 years inclusive must be accompanied in the vehicle by an ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person) seated alongside at all times and holding a second pair of reins attached to the bit.

Additional restrictions
A Junior driver aged 11 8-15 years inclusive must be accompanied in the vehicle by a ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person) who must be facing forward.

Junior drivers who are 16-17 years of age may be allowed to drive stallions at ACDS show events at the discretion of the organizers.

Junior Multiple drivers – a Junior driver aged 16-17 years inclusive may drive a pair or tandem of ponies, but not horses or a larger combination.

Federal Council amended By –Law 13.8 which relates to Junior Drivers.