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Saturday, Aug 1 at 12:00 AM - Sunday, Aug 2 12:00 AM
Saturday, Aug 1 at 12:00 AM - Sunday, Aug 2 12:00 AM
Saturday, Aug 1 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, Aug 2 11:00 AM
Saturday, Aug 1 All Day

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Federal Executive 2015 - 2016

President: Brendan Dwyer

Vice President: Trevor Brand

Secretary: Sue Waters

Treasurer: Peter Lee

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We have a variety of  downloads including society information, endurance and pleasure driving, CDE and all the current Australian dressage tests for you to print.

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Driven Dressage

The New 2013 Dressage manual is now available.

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Show Driving Handbook

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ACDS Rules for Australian Combined Driving Events, 

effective 1st August 2015 

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Message from the President 

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Federal council publications

Federal Conference 2016

After the success of this years Conference many members across Australia are keen to attend next years event.

Expressions of Interest are now sought for a State to host the 2016 Federal Conference and Annual General Meeting

EoI's are to be received by the Federal Secretary, Sue Waters, no later than August 31st

'They all did it at Dookie!'

2015-2016 Federal Discipline Convenors 

Federal CDE Convenor – Tony James

Federal Dressage Convenor – Dot Willcoxson

Federal P&E Convenor – Sharon Beattie

Federal Show Driving Convenor – Jan Muspratt

Contact Details can be found on the Information tab

ACDS Insurance Renewal 2015/2016 
Federal Council is pleased to advise that after an extensive search for suitable cover at an affordable cost, the ACDS has secured renewal of all existing insurance policies for the 2015/2016 year through Affinity Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd. 
Our $20 million Combined General & Products Liability Policy is now structured differently to previous years: 
° Cover for the Australian Carriage Driving Society Inc including members, volunteers, coaches/instructors, officials/directors and associated carriage clubs / committees, for claims arising out of or in connection with ACDS sanctioned events – this policy has a deductible of $1500 (payable by the person causing a claim to be made). 
° 24/7 extension for full members engaged in non-income earning carriage driving-related activities outside of ACDS sanctioned events – this extension to the policy has a deductible of $5000 (payable by the person causing a claim to be made). 
Our Personal Accident and Association Liability Policies provide the same cover and terms as last year. 
The new policies come into force immediately on expiry of the 2014/15 policies (31st May). 
Policy Summaries will be available from the ACDS Website and will be distributed to Clubs in due course. 
Please contact the Federal Secretary if you have any specific questions regarding the ACDS insurance cover. 
Brendan Dwyer ACDS Vice President
on behalf of Federal Council
"ACDS Horse Registration - due to issues with the current horse registration
database, there may be substantial delays in processing ACDS Horse
Registration requests. Federal Council is working on a permanent solution to
these issues, and in the interim, alternative arrangements for proof of
registration will be put into place. The Federal Executive appreciates the
understanding and patience of members in this regard and we sincerely thank
our current Horse Registrar Judy Harris for her persistence under
frustrating circumstances."
Brendan Dwyer

Second installment now available.
The First installment of the Coaching accreditation scheme is now available.

Where did the ACDS Begin?

Ever wondered about where the ACDS began? Read a little about the resurgence of carriage driving and the start of driving for less practical purposes in Australia. History

AS AT 1st JANUARY, 2015 -  ALL horses competing in Graded Driven Dressage 'Must be ACDS registered, This is a one of lifetime registration. Download the form here  

Official ACDS merchandise is available from our Webstore

We have a selection of products available for you to purchase online, payment is via PayPal and all prices include postage.

ACDS - CDE Update - July 2014

Read the Special Statement here and help shape the Future of CDE's in Australia

New to the Website ACDS 'Activities Manual' on the Information Tab

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