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Federal Executive 2016 - 2017

President: Brendan Dwyer

Vice President: Trevor Brand

Secretary: Sue Waters

Treasurer: Peter Lee

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Need some information we have a variety of publications?

We have a variety of  downloads including society information, endurance and pleasure driving, CDE and all the current Australian dressage tests for you to print.

Driven Dressage

The New 2015 Dressage manual is now available.

The full downloadable pdf is available on the Information tab under publications

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Show Driving Handbook

The full downloadable pdf is available on the Information tab under publications

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Expressions of Interest are open for ACDS Carriage Drivers who wish to demonstrate their skills to the public at Equitana 2016. 
Drivers of Singles, Pairs and four in hand Teams will drive an Obstathon Competition Course consisting of 10 cones and 2 marathon obstacles, drivers will be required to navigate the course in number sequence. The course will be built as a fast flowing course to show the speed, agility and sure footedness of the ponies and horses and skill of the drivers. Time on the course is converted to penalty points as are other penalties such as knocking a ball off the cones, putting a groom down, with the lowest score the winner of the competition. 
A Jump and Drive feature Event will follow the Obstathon featuring some of Australia's top Jumping competitors teamed with horse and pony pairs.
ACDS Fees and GST
Message from the Federal President on the Federal Publications page

Officials Accreditation

August 1st 2016

Training packages are now available for ACDS accredited Cones ad Dressage Judges, Course Designers, Technical Delegates and Ground Jury on the Publications page.

2016 AGM Minutes

Available for download

Important News

Dear Members,

Re: Dressage Judge’s / CDE Official’s Accreditation update

Read Statement

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Dwyer

ACDS Federal President.

"Federal Council is seeking Expressions of Interest from a State/Club/Sub Committee to conduct the 

2017 Federal Conference and Annual General Meeting. 

Closing date for lodgement of EOI’s with the Federal Secretary is 31st August, 2016."

Federal Council is seeking Expressions of Interest for members to take up the following Federal Council Appointments:

· Federal Pleasure & Endurance Convenor

· Federal Young Driver Co-ordinator

A Position Description is available from the Federal Secretary.

and on the Publications page

Closing date for submission of EOI’s is 31st August, 2016.”

2016 AGM and Conference

A packed weekend

Tony James

Tony James was presented a Life Membership by Brendan Dwyer, 

Guest Presenters

Equine Dentistry, a very popular and informative session.

Federal Executive for 2016/17

Brendan Dwyer President
Trevor Brand Vice President
Sue Waters Secretary
Peter Lee Treasurer

The ACDS Audited Financials for 2015-2016 are available on application to the Federal Treasurer – Peter Lee

All queries to be directed to the Federal Treasurer.

ACDS Event Officials List

Do you need Judges or other ACDS qualified officials? 

Show, Dressage, Cones and Presentation Judges, CDE Officials, Technical Delegates, Endurance and CDE TPR's 

- Update July 2016 -

Now available under publications on the Info Tab.

Please check your details are correct. Contact Val Blows on with any corrections.

ACDS Insurance Renewal 2016-2017

Federal Council is pleased to advise that the ACDS has secured renewal of all existing insurance policies for the 2016-2017 year through Affinity Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.

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2016-2017 Certificates now available under publications on the Info Tab. 

ACDS Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018

Released today is the ACDS Strategic Plan document; this plan outlines the broad organisational goals which ACDS Federal Council has set for the period 2016 - 2018, and the context within which these goals will be pursued. Whilst the Plan may appear relatively simple, it is the culmination of considerable work on the part of several members of Federal Council, and for the first time for our organisation, we now have a clearly communicated direction and framework to guide future decision-making. ACDS Federal Council welcomes feedback from members on the Strategic Plan. 
Brendan Dwyer 
ACDS Federal President 
19 May 2016
Statement regarding ACDS Officials Training & Accreditation update

I would like to advise members that the update of the ACDS Officials accreditation systems for Dressage Judges and CDE Officials has been progressing, but unfortunately has recently encountered a setback. A key member of the project team has decided for their own reasons, that they are unable to continue involvement. As a consequence, the ACDS is not able to make use of various materials developed to date. ACDS Federal Council makes no judgement or comment regarding the individual’s decision; we respect their right to withdraw from the project, note the contribution made to date and express our sincere disappointment that they felt unable to continue. I would ask that members refrain from speculating or passing comment publicly or via social media, ACDS website forum etc, in this regard. Federal Council will make a decision in the near future in relation to recommencing the process of Official’s clinics, and the accreditation system format to be used. I understand, and share, the considerable frustration many members have regarding the time taken to finalise the update. Regrettably the current circumstances will undoubtedly result in further delays, as we re-evaluate our existing material and processes. I would like to sincerely thank those that continue to work on the project and am confident that we will ultimately achieve appropriate improvements to our systems. 
Brendan Dwyer 
ACDS Federal President 
18 May 2016

New 2016 Update One Activity Membership form

Now available under publications on the Info Tab.

When do you need to Register your horse with the ACDS?
ACDS Horse Registration is compulsory for Dressage, Indoor and CDE Competitions.
ACDS Horse Registration is not compulsory to participate in Show Driving, Pleasure Driving or Club activities.
Graded Dressage – Competitors competing on a One Activity Membership are not required to have ACDS Horse Registration, however, the horse is not eligible for grading points, qualification for Championships or prizes at the event.
If unsure, please contact the Federal Secretary for Clarification.

Australian Driven Dressage

Manual 2015

Effective 1st September 2015 

On the Information tab under publications


ACDS Rules for Australian Combined Driving Events, 

Effective 1st August 2015 

On the Information tab under publications

Message from the President 

On the information tab under

Federal council publications

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