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Attention ACDS Drivers, here is your chance to have some input.

CDE Competitors Survey

The Survey has been compiled by the Federal CDE Committee and distribution to members has been endorsed by ACDS

The purpose of the Survey is to gather information from our driving community to enable the ACDS CDE Committee to formulate recommendations for the improvement of the ACDS Rules for CDE which are currently under review.

The Survey can only be filled in once from the device you open it in.

If more links are required for family members etc please email [email protected] and another link  will sent.

Hard copies are available through your State Secretary. 

The Survey closes at midnight, 10th November 2017, All responses are anonymous

- Thinking with Your Head About Your Helmet -

You’ve seen those commercials talking about replacing your mattress after every eight years—after all, that’s a lot of dead skin cells, dirt, dust mites, etc., that gathers every night. And when it comes to your favourite pair of riding pants, you don’t think twice about replacing them when they’re starting to be worn thin, or maybe showing a little too much wear and tear. But do you even think about how old your helmet is?

Please read on via this link to the Horse Industry Council Article, linked with their permission.

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