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Saturday, May 30 at 12:00 AM - Monday, Jun 1 12:00 AM
Saturday May 30 - Sunday May 31
Saturday, May 30 at 3:00 PM - Monday, Jun 8 4:00 PM
Sunday, May 31 All Day

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Federal Executive 2014 - 2015


Vice President: Brendan Dwyer

Secretary: Sue Waters

Treasurer: Peter Lee

Federal President, Wayne Armstrong resigned from office effective 6th January 2015

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We have a variety of  downloads including society information, endurance and pleasure driving, CDE and all the current Australian dressage tests for you to print.

CDE Organisation Manual now on the  Carriage Driving Disciplines tab

Driven Dressage

The New 2013 Dressage manual is now available.

The full downloadable pdf is here

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Show Driving Handbook

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"ACDS Horse Registration - due to issues with the current horse registration
database, there may be substantial delays in processing ACDS Horse
Registration requests. Federal Council is working on a permanent solution to
these issues, and in the interim, alternative arrangements for proof of
registration will be put into place. The Federal Executive appreciates the
understanding and patience of members in this regard and we sincerely thank
our current Horse Registrar Judy Harris for her persistence under
frustrating circumstances."
Brendan Dwyer

Second installment now available.
The First installment of the Coaching accreditation scheme is now available.

Federal Council is calling for nominations for the following Council appointed positions.  

Nominations to the Federal Secretary by 15th June, 2015:

· Grading Officer

· Horse Registrar

· Journal Managing Editor

· Coaching Co-ordinator

· Website Co-ordinator

· Training schools Co-ordinator

· Young Driver Co-ordinator

· Merchandising Officer

· Publicity Officer

· Officials List Co-ordinator

Position descriptions are available from either the Federal Secretary or linked above.

ACDS Event Officials Lists

Update May 2015

The latest list is always available on the Information / Publications Tab

Do you need Judges or other ACDS qualified person? 

Show, Dressage, Cones and Presentation Judges, CDE Officials, Technical Delegates, Endurance and CDE TPR's 

Please check your details are incorrect. Contact Val Blows on with any corrections.

Find all the Conference information Here 

Meal and Accommodation Details Here

At the close of receipt for Nominations for the 2015-2016 Federal Executive, the following have been received:

•           Federal President – Brendan Dwyer

•           Federal Vice-President – Trevor Brand

•           Federal Treasurer – Peter Lee

•           Federal Secretary – Sue Waters

Sue Waters.

Federal Secretary.

A message from our Vice President

Hello Members,

Your March 2015 Journal should be arriving with you as I post this message; (unfortunately due to space limitations we were unable to include these comments in the Journal). It is great to see reflected within the pages such a wide variety of activities throughout the country, and members enjoying time with their horses and ponies.

Within the March issue you will find a range of important information;

The CDE Review has entered its next stage and outlined in the Journal (and also here on the website) are proposed changes to the structure of CDEs and the CDE Grading system for your consideration.

This review is one of the most comprehensive consultative processes ever undertaken within the ACDS and I have been very impressed by the positive commitment and energy of all those involved to date.

As we enter the member-feedback stage of the review, I ask everyone to consider the proposals with an open mind – naturally, the suggested changes won’t necessarily appeal to everyone, but it is important to remember that we have to achieve a reasonable balance to suit the differing needs of the sport and those participating, and therefore compromise is critical to reaching an effective outcome. I encourage all interested members to submit constructive comments on the proposals to your State CDE Convenor by the specified closing date.

The 2015 ACDS Federal Conference will be held this year in Dookie, Victoria. The Conference Organising Team has put together a fantastic program, so please give some thought to participating this year, as I have no doubt you will find attendance informative and worthwhile.

As part of the Conference of course will be the AGM and in this issue we call for nominations for Office Bearers, and Expressions of Interest for Council Appointments – if you are in a position to lend your skills and time to any one of these roles, please consider doing so – the contribution and involvement of a wide spectrum of our members is very important to the function of the Society.

We are seeking the input of members with artistic talents to enter the competition to design the cover of our new CDE Rule Book. The single rule book, planned for release in August this year, is a major step forward for the ACDS and as such it deserves an exciting design to accompany the launch. So please put pencil to paper (or keyboard and mouse to work) and have a go.

Alongside a number of other important projects currently underway, Federal Council has commenced work on the development of a Strategic Plan for the organisation. Whilst such exercises can all too often be viewed with a healthy dose of scepticism, when done well they are an important foundation for good governance and sound decision making, and Council will continue this process over the coming months.

As I alluded to in my opening paragraph it is very encouraging to hear and read of such high levels of driving enthusiasm in all States. Along with strong activity in Showdriving, Dressage and CDEs in the coming months, particularly exciting are plans for the expansion of Enduro’s into Qld and WA. I wish the respective organiser’s of all these events every success.

Most importantly all this activity demonstrates that our Clubs and organising committees are actively pursuing ideas to promote and grow carriage driving in Australia, and Federal Council will continue to work to support them in these endeavours.

Safe and happy driving,

Brendan Dwyer

Federal Vice President.

Have a look at the Journal article on the CDE update page and have a look at the cover design competition.

Where did the ACDS Begin?

Ever wondered about where the ACDS began? Read a little about the resurgence of carriage driving and the start of driving for less practical purposes in Australia. History

Check out the coverage on US TV CNN

Thanks Callanish

FEI World Cup Driving Final

Congratulations Boyd Exell


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AS AT 1st JANUARY, 2015 -  ALL horses competing in Graded Driven Dressage 'Must be ACDS registered, This is a one of lifetime registration. Download the form here  

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The ACDS Insurance Program information is all on our Information page including Insurance Certificate, Salient Points of Cover, Procedure of Claims and now Questions and Answers to help us all with the many queries of what happens when?

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ACDS - CDE Update - July 2014

Read the Special Statement here and help shape the Future of CDE's in Australia

New to the Website ACDS 'Activities Manual' on the Information Tab

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