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Saturday Jul 26 - Sunday Jul 27
Sunday, Jul 27 All Day
Sunday, Jul 27 All Day
Saturday, Aug 2 at 2:00 PM - Sunday, Aug 3 3:00 PM

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Federal Executive 2014 - 2015

President: Wayne Armstrong

Vice President: Brendan Dwyer

Secretary: Sue Waters

Treasurer: Peter Lee

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We have a variety of  downloads including society information, endurance and pleasure driving, CDE and all the current Australian dressage tests for you to print.

CDE Organisation Manual now on the  Carriage Driving Disciplines tab

Driven Dressage

The New 2013 Dressage manual is now available.

The full downloadable pdf is here

Newly updated Dressage Tests Now Available on the 

Carriage Driving Disciplines tab

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Show Driving Handbook

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Australian Carriage Driving Society (ACDS) was formed in 1971 after R M Williams invited a group of prominent harness exhibitors to discuss the formation of an organisation to promote harness activities. Now 40 years on the ACDS consists of 6 state branches, over 50 Clubs and more than 1200 members across Australia.

ACDS - CDE Update - July 2014

Read the Special Statement here and help shape the Future of CDE's in Australia

More info on the South Australian Events page.

The theme this year is Fairies and the colour is Yellow.

More info coming soon.

Expressions of Interest Invited

Membership Database

Federal Council wishes to advise that tenders are being sought from interested suppliers. Please contact the Federal Treasurer on for further information.

First Federal Council Meeting 2014-2015


Annual General Meeting and Conference

5th and 6th July, 2014

Marcus Oldham College, Waurn Ponds, Victoria

Updated Timetable, 

this supersedes what has been printed in the soon to be received journal 

Details here

ACDS Audited Financials 2013-2014

The ACDS Audited Financials for 2013-2014 are available to members on request to the Federal Secretary.  Please email

Please direct any queries on the Audited Financials to the Federal Treasurer, Peter Lee, email

The Online Webstore is up and running, purchase and pay via PayPal

New to the Website ACDS 'Activities Manual' on the Information Tab

Queensland Show Driving Championship results and Victorian CDE Championship results are now on the results page.

Updates from the Federal CDE Committee 

NOTICE 1: The FEI Rule book 10th Edition, Updated to 1 January 2013 can now be found on the FEI website via this link


NOTICE 2: The ACDS Federal CDE Committee has being analyzing the FEI’s changes in the 2014 FEI Rules for Driving and their effect on driving in Australia. As a consequence of this analysis, any proposed changes to the ACDS rules will be put to the State CDE Committees and the general membership (in the March ACDS Journal) prior to a new ACDS Variations Booklet being put to Federal Council at its meeting in July 2014 and to take effect from 1st August 2014.


This means that until advised otherwise, Australian CDE competitions will use the FEI Rules for Driving Events as at 1st Jan 2009 (updated 1st January 2013) and ACDS Variations as of 1 August 2013.

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