As the Federal Government and State Governments commence to relax restrictions on social gatherings, Federal Council have set out the following rules for all ACDS activities, including organised driving activities and rallies, i.e. any activity that requires a Club to minute an activity.
The purpose of the rules is to ensure that the activities are conducted within government guidelines and to ensure the health and safety of members and any other persons at ACDS activities. In preparing the risk management rules, Federal Council is conscious that the age demographic of the ACDS means that many members are in the high risk area.
It is the responsibility of State Branches, Clubs and organising committees to enforce these rules.

Members are required to conduct themselves (and request their grooms) to not only uphold the rules, but also the spirit of the rules, to ensure the health and safety of all participants and volunteers.
The rules are as follows:

  1. Social gathering limitations are to be observed as pronounced in your State from time to time. It is important to be aware of the different limitations for indoor and outdoor activities. It is the responsibility of the organising committee to ensure that the total number of drivers, grooms and officials at the activity location do not exceed the relevant social gathering limitations. For this purpose, event organisers should
    require attendee’s to register (including the number of grooms attending) to attend the activity. The event organisers should adopt an “arrive, compete, leave” approach for the activity.
  2. Social distancing, as set out in commentary from governments and medical authorities advising governments, must be observed. This will include social distancing on a carriage which means in most cases, a carriage will not be able to include both a driver and groom. The only exception is family members on a carriage.
  3. Notices of social distancing are to be clearly displayed on activity schedules and around the location of the activity.
  4. Clubs and members should check with the operators of the venue such as Local Shire, Local Council, government department, management committee’ to ensure the venue is open for activities. This should include other user groups to ensure social gathering limitations are observed by all.
    Risk Management Guidelines Post Covid-19 For All ACDS Activities – Version 1.0 – 17 May 2020
  5. All persons at the activity must complete the Bio-Security Form. The form should be attached to an activity schedule (or sent to participants prior to the activity) in order for participants to be familiar with the requirement to complete the form. If the participant does not complete the form, they are to be requested to leave the location immediately. For the purpose of this form, participants are defined as
    activity organisers and officials, drivers and grooms. This form is to be retained by the Event Organiser.
  6. The ACDS recommends that all persons attending an activity download the COVID-19 App so that in the event that another person attending the activity is subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19, medical authorities can contact other attendees.
  7. No canteens or similar are allowed at activities.
  8. Clubrooms should not be open during activities.
  9. Organising committees are to ensure that toilet blocks are cleaned pre and post activity and during the activity if necessary. Appropriate signage in relation to the washing of hands should be displayed.
  10. No overnight stays.
  11. No indoor events are to be run.

Risk management re COVID-19