Revised Date For 2021 Annual General Meeting

30 June 2021
Dear Members
Revised Date For 2021 Annual General Meeting
Federal Council wishes to advise that the revised date for the 2021 annual general meeting
is Wednesday 4 August 2021 at 7.30pm and will be conducted online.
There will be no change to the other arrangements previously notified to members in regard
to the pre-registration, voting, proxy appointments and questions and answers.
For those members that have already indicated that they will attend the annual
general meeting, or who have already appointed a proxy, or who have already voted,
you do not need to complete these actions a second time. Your attendance,
appointments or votes already count.
Members have asked about the reasons for the postponement of the original date of the
meeting. There are several reasons including conflicting advise from Access Canberra, and
the audited financial statements were not complete at the earlier date as the accounting
system corrupted and it took some time for the proprietary licence holders to rectify the
problem and then for the Federal Treasurer to verify the financial records prior to audit.
Federal President

Notice to members re new date for AGM