Restrictions on driving will be eased

16 May 2020

Dear Members
On behalf of Federal Council, I would like to advise that restrictions on driving will be eased to allow Clubs to hold Club rallies, effective Saturday 28 May 2020.
Federal Council will distribute to States, for forwarding to Clubs and members, two documents which are fundamental to the easing of restrictions, namely

  1. Risk management rules to follow for all Club rallies (and in time, other activities). Please note that this means that only Club members can drive at the rallies; and
  2. Bio-security form for completion by all persons at a rally.
    In preparing the risk management rules, Federal Council is conscious that the age demographic of the ACDS means that many members are in the high risk area. Our main purpose in preparing these rules and the form is to ensure that the Club rallies are conducted within government guidelines and to ensure the health and safety of members and any other persons at Club rallies.

Yours faithfully
Federal President

Club rallies announcement 16-05-2020