Are you a kid that yearns to be with horses be it large or small?

Have you heard about Boyd Exel, the multi world champion that started out as a boy just wanting to be with horses.

Well the ACDS can help you!

What ever your interest we have something for you – endurance, showing, Dressage, historic or Combined Driving, you can be a driver, groom or a helper.

You can bring mum, dad or your favourite auntie, along as a family membership or join up as a single junior member.

If you want to develop your driving the ACDS has a bursary that is open every year to help you plan for the next year.

How old is a Junior or Young driver?

The minimum age for driving at ACDS activities is 6 years old but you need to be older for some events or if you want to drive a pair, tandem or a team of ponies or horses. 

  • A Junior is a person who is not yet 18 
  • A Young Driver is under 25 years
  • A Junior driver aged 6-10 years inclusive is allowed to drive a single horse or pony and must be accompanied in the vehicle by an ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person) seated alongside at all times and holding a second pair of reins attached to the bit.
  • A Junior driver aged 11-15 years inclusive must be accompanied in the vehicle by a ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person).
  • Junior drivers who are 16-17 may be allowed to drive stallions at ACDS show events, you will need to get approved by the organisers.
  • A Junior driver aged 16-17 may drive a pair or tandem of ponies, but not horses or a team.

CDE’s & Indoor Events (additional requirements)

  • There are special rules for Juniors at Indoor events so you will have to be 10 to drive or groom.
  • Combined Driving Events also have special rules, you will need to be 12 to drive a single horse or pony, 16 to drive pony multiples and 18 to drive horse multiples.
  • Juniors can groom at a  CDE or Indoor event at 10 for singles and 14 for a multiple.


All juniors driving or riding in a carriage must wear a helmet as per the  ACDS bylaw 13.12 whilst at an ACDS activity.

Junior Drivers Bursary

The Bursary is there to help develop their skills.

You can be from any discipline and looking to develop your skill set.

You can be an active driver, a beginner driver, wanting to be a judge, have a passion for restoration.

You may want help with some lessons with a local instructor or an Overseas hero, help getting to national events, help to attend schools to become a judge.

Application will be open for one month each year and successful Juniors will be announced.