Young Cariage Drivers Australia

That the minimum age for driving at ACDS activities be as below: 

Applicable to all ACDS driving activities excluding Combined Driving Events (Level 1-4) 

Junior definition a person who has not attained the age of 18 years 

Youngest driving age (Single horse or pony) 

A Junior driver aged 6-10 years inclusive must be accompanied in the vehicle by an ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person) seated alongside at all times and holding a second pair of reins attached to the bit. 

Additional restrictions 

A Junior driver aged 11-15 years inclusive must be accompanied in the vehicle by a ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person) 

Stallions Junior drivers who are 16-17 years of age may be allowed to drive stallions at ACDS show events at the discretion of the organisers. 

Multiples Junior Multiple drivers – a Junior driver aged 16-17 years inclusive may drive a pair or tandem of ponies, but not horses or a larger combination.

CDE  - groom: 10yo - singles, 14 yo - multiples

CDE - driving: 12yo - singles, 16yo - pony multiples, 18yo - horse multiples

All junior persons (being under 18 years of age) driving or riding in a carriage must wear protective head gear, designed for equestrian use, whilst at an ACDS activity - effective 6th November, 2010.