Working Walk Movement

4 November, 2021
Subject: Dressage Tests A 2021 – Working Walk Movement
I wish to confirm that the Working Walk movement appears in the following ACDS Dressage Tests:
Preliminary Level Test A 2021
Novice Level Test A 2021
Elementary Level Test A 2021
Intermediate Level Test A 2021
Open Level Test A 2021

Scoresheets and diagrams for the above tests are on the Federal Website; dated 19 October, 2021 V2.0 being the current document. (Please disregard any other versions).
The Walking Walk movement is listed in the current Graded Driven Dressage Rulebook and Guidelines on page 38 with the following definition:
Working Walk: A regular and unconstrained walk. The horse should walk energetically but calmly with even and determined steps with distinct, marked, four equally spaced beats.
Drivers, organisers and judges need to ensure they have the correct documentation.
Cheryl Dowling

Working Walk – Letter of confirmation Nov 2021