Insurance During the Cessation Period – Update

3 April 2020
Dear Members

Federal Council has been asked once again what the effect of the cessation period has on the ACDS insurance and what insurance cover a member has during this period. Nothing has changed in respect to insurance since our earlier notification on 16 March 2020.
Personal accident and public liability insurance in respect to ACDS approved activities will not respond as there are no ACDS approved activities such as dressage days, CDEs, shows, pleasure drives, club rallies being undertaken.For those members working horses at home, this is not an ACDS approved activity hence the insurance cover mentioned above does not respond. The ACDS does not regulate driving at home.
However, members driving at home are covered by the ACDS 24/7 Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance as set out below:
The following is an extract from the Insurance questions and answers on the ACDS website.
Q. Who is covered by the ACDS 24/7 Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance?
A. ACDS Single, Family, Junior and Life members engaged in non-income earning carriage driving related activities outside of ACDS sanctioned events -specifically: at home or when training.
Q. What is the excess payable for a claim against the ACDS 24/7 Public Liability Policy?
A. For a claim arising outside of a sanctioned ACDS activity, the excess payable by the ACDS Member is $5000.

Federal President

Insurance during the cessation period 03-04-2020