Council appointed positions

To Members
Please be aware that nominations for the following Council appointed positions are due by Wednesday, 1 June 2022:

Federal Discipline Convenor

  • CDE
  • Driven Dressage
  • Pleasure and Endurance
  • Historical
  • Show Driving

 Federal Council Appointments

  • Assistant Federal Secretary
  • Horse Registrar
  • Horse Grading Officer
  • Journal Managing Editor
  • Coaching Coordinator
  • Website Coordinator
  • Young Driver Coordinator
  • Publicity Officer
  • Officials List Coordinator
  • Public Officer for Incorporation (must be a resident of the ACT)
  • New Member Liaison Officer
  • Training Schools Coordinator

 ACDS Sub-committee

  • ACDS-EA Subcommittee
  • ACDS Training & Schools Subcommittee
  • ACDS Electronic Media Subcommittee

The Nomination Form is attached in both Word and .pdf format.  E-Signature may be used.
Returns to the Federal Secretary by 1 June 2022 please.
Thank You

Tom Dowling
ACDS Federal Secretary 
0428 957 052

Nomination Form – Council Appointment 22-23 doc Nomination Form – Council Appointment 22-23 pdf