18 May 2020

Dear Members

Federal Council has been asked several questions following its announcement on 16 May 2020 that Club Rallies can re-commence. In responding, Federal Council also directs you to the announcements on 18 May 2020 with the Risk Guidelines post COVID-19. The following are the questions and the responses:

Question 28th May is not a Saturday.
Response It is from 12.01am Saturday 30 May 2020.

Question Can only members of club running rally day attend or any ACDS member?
Response Members of that Club only. You should also be guided by what your State is saying. In many cases it is only those who need to be at the rally – i.e. the member driving, a groom if necessary and those necessary to run the rally. In most cases, the government/health body and many other equestrian bodies are stating “no visitors’. Also, most bodies are recommending “arrive, compete, leave policy. In the case of a rally, it should be drive, instead of compete.

Question Presumably One Day Activity cannot be used?
Response No, as it is only members who can drive at a rally.

Question Presumably social distancing would mean only 1 person per vehicle?
Response Yes unless they are immediate family living in the same household.

Peter Lee
Federal President

Club Rallies Q&A 18-05-2020