Janet Smith and the Federal Council of the ACDS wish to advise that the dispute between Janet and
the ACDS in the Western Australian Supreme Court has been mutually resolved.
The ACDS regrets that Janet suffered the considerable anguish and expense of commencing
proceedings as a result of the ACDS’s handling of complaints that were made against Janet. The
ACDS acknowledges that there are two sides to these complaints. Having now had the opportunity
to revisit its position, the ACDS will not pursue the expulsion of Janet.
Janet and the ACDS are now keen to move forward in the best interests of carriage driving in
Western Australia.
Janet will therefore remain a member of the ACDS and the ACDS looks forward to her contribution
and positive input to the ACDS moving forward.

2023 Dressage Rule book


The new Dressage Rule Book, (and the other new documents) have now been added to the Dressage Page. They include a marked up version for easy reference and the New Proforma for event organisers are also available. The old documents have ow been superseded.

A new SCORE SHEET for 2023 will be available shortly.

Driven Dressage Page

ACDS Young Drivers

ACDS Young Drivers 😊🐴

Recently we have seen an increase in the involvement of Young Drivers at ACDS events and activities which is tremendous. The contribution of all is greatly appreciated, be it as drivers, grooms, passengers, helpers etc.

It has been exciting to see many ACDS Young Drivers recognised recently across social media and through the recent ACDS Journals.

As ACDS Young Driver Coordinator I thought it would be a great time to remind all members of ACDS rules for Young Drivers to ensure that safety is paramount.

Happy & safe driving everyone!

Nicole Linic

ACDS Young Driver Coordinator.

Carriage Driving Magazine

Carriage Driving magazine has offered ACDS Members and followers an opportunity to read their fabulous magazine via free digital access to the April/May 2022 issue. 

The sign up form below only requires a name and email address (no payment details, its completely free).

Once you sign up there is a link to the digital issue, available to read like a PDF

This is a simple sign up form that contains a link to the issue which is uploaded online on Exact Editions.

The link will expire on July 9 but that gives you a month of reading.