Amendment to Graded Driven Dressage Tests

20 October 2021
Applies to:
ACDS TEST A – 2021
Please be advised that the following tests, as shown on the Website, have been amended:
ACDS Preliminary Test A 2021
ACDS Novice Test A 2021
ACDS Elementary Test A 2021
ACDS Intermediate Test A 2021
ACDS Open Test A 2021
The heading on the test scoresheets and diagram sheets read 2020 and have now been changed to 2021.
The actual tests and their content, including diagrams, have not been altered in any way.
This information is relevant for organisers and competitors in any State Graded Driven Dressage Championship and any CDEs that have opted to utilize any of the above tests.
Should you need any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.
Cheryl Dowling
Federal Driven Dressage Convenor

Amendment to GDD Tests