AGM-Vero Voting

A quick Federal Council update. Just to advise members that all the material for the AGM (and there is a lot) is ready to be submitted to Vero Voting for the electronic voting. There are about 40 members who require a hard copy of the paperwork and that will be mailed tomorrow. Federal Council had a face-to-face meeting in Melbourne yesterday and we had a big agenda of 30 items to discuss. It was a collaborative meeting and many decisions were made to the benefit of the Society and its members.

Unfortunately due to Tom Dowling, our very hardworking Federal Secretary being in Covid isolation, Tom had to join the meeting via Zoom. Thanks to Tom’s organisational skills, the large number of agenda papers were provided to Councillors prior to the meeting.

Thank you Tom for the enormous amount of time and effort you put into ensuring the governance of the ACDS and the decisions of Federal Council are adhered to. I hope all members take the opportunity to vote for the ‘constitutional’ changes and carefully consider who you vote for on 3 July.

Thank you, Dot Willcoxson, Federal President

Update – Vero Voting has been sent, if you have not received it please check your junk folders.
Please stand by, voting for Council Position candidates is under investigation.