ACDS Policy on return from COVID-19 Cessation

11 May 2020

Dear Members
ACDS Policy on return from COVID-19 Cessation
Federal Council discussed last Wednesday night, on its regular Zoom meetings that have been instigated since the advent of COVID-19 cessation of driving activities, the return to driving activities.

A number of members from different States have contacted the Federal Executive to ask about a return to driving activities.

The Federal Executive has prepared some rules to observe at ACDS activities when driving can commence. These have been forwarded to Federal Council for approval and will be discussed on Wednesday night at our next meeting to be held via Zoom.

Our emphasis is to ensure the health and safety of our members.

In the meantime, I would ask that people check the rules in your State by reading official announcements from your State Government and State Medical Authorities as this is what our rules will be based upon. Many State directives on social gathering limitations and distancing are different.

Social gathering limitations and social distancing will be a key part of our rules.

Yours faithfully
Federal President

ACDS policy on return from COVID-19 Cessation