ACDS 50th Anniversary commemorative gifts.

ACDS members are gradually receiving their 50th Anniversary gifts. I would like to thank Bernadette Lewis for the original idea and for working with Zilco – Equestrian Products to produce the gifts. There was a small team that worked out the design of the packaging led by Lyn Callaghan (Scribblegum Design & Print) and a working bee helped package them. Lyn and the Young Post Office ensured they will reach our members.
Thank you Bernie, Kate, Lyn, David from Zilco and all our helpers .
ACDS commemorative gifts. Family memberships will receive their second gift within two weeks. There will be additional bridle rosettes available for purchase. Payment will be directly into an ACDS account. Details will be provided when we know how many will be available. Please pm me if you wish to purchase more rosettes, they can then be set aside.
Dot Willcoxson