50th Anniversary Celebrations

28 July 2021
Dear Members
50th Anniversary Celebrations
Federal Council has recently been advised by Longwood Carriage Driving Club that they have
cancelled all arrangements to host the ACDS 50th Festival of Carriage Driving at Longwood.
As a result, Federal Council considered the ongoing Covid situation which has seen lockdowns in
four States of Australia over the past few weeks some of which are ongoing without an end date
in sight. The lockdowns have resulted in border closures in almost every State of Australia. All
members will be aware that there is a major push for Covid vaccines around Australia and there
is the suggestion that Covid will continue to have an effect on the population until at least the
majority of Australian’s are vaccinated.
It has been Federal Council’s position all along that championships should not be held unless all
members in Australia are able to attend, whether they wish to or not. The 50th celebrations fall
into this category.
Council also discussed whether any other State was able to step in to hold the 50th celebrations
and Council understands that it would be difficult for another State to step in given the short
timetable and ongoing uncertainty around Covid.
Regrettably and as a result of the above, Federal Council has reached the difficult decision to
cancel the celebrations.
Federal Council is working on alternative ways to acknowledge and celebrate the 50th
anniversary of the ACDS.
Yours sincerely
Federal President

Letter to members re 50th anniversary 28 July 2021