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Federal Executive 2014 - 2015


Vice President: Brendan Dwyer

Secretary: Sue Waters

Treasurer: Peter Lee

Federal President, Wayne Armstrong resigned from office effective 6th January 2015

Second installment now available.
The First installment of the Coaching accreditation scheme is now available.

ACDS Event Officials List

Do you need Judges or other ACDS qualified officials? 

Show, Dressage, Cones and Presentation Judges, CDE Officials, Technical Delegates, Endurance and CDE TPR's - Update May 2015 

 please check your details are correct. Contact Val Blows on valbrib@chariot.net.au with any corrections.

Activities Manual

To assist with the organisation of non-competitive carriage driving activities, as well as the judging and scoring of competitive activities apart from Combined Driving, Dressage & Showing.

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Please use these guidelines to maximise the safety,

enjoyment and fairness for all participants.

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