Federal Executive 2017 - 2018

President:  Brendan Dwyer

Vice President: Kate Wholagan

Secretary: Sue Waters

Treasurer: Peter Lee

2017-2018 Federal Discipline Convenors 

Federal CDE Convenor – Karen Rogers

Federal Dressage Convenor – Dot Willcoxson

Federal P&E Convenor – Peter Honeyman

Federal Show Driving Convenor – Jan Muspratt

State Executives 2017/2018
Federal and State Convenors/Co-Ordinators 2017/2018

ACDS Event Officials List

Do you need Judges or other ACDS qualified officials? 

Show, Dressage, Cones and Presentation Judges, CDE Officials, Technical Delegates, Endurance and CDE TPR's - Updated regularly. Find it in Publications on the Information Tab.

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